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Bed and Breakfast LIMA

Casa Guadalupe

Guadalupe en Joop
Bed and Breakfast lima sfeer5

Dutch quality with Peruvian ambience.
Ideal begin and end destination
for a journey through Peru.
Well equipped rooms.
Good   service.
Safe. We are close, more in info klik here

Bed and Breakfast journey2 Peru
Bed and Breakfast Lima lupe

We are Joop and Guadalupe, your host and hostess.

Guadalupe is born and bred in Lima. She can therefore tell you all you need to know about the city, in Spanish or English.
She can also help you with planning your trip whilst in Peru.

Joop is from Dutch origin and a fully qualified catering entrepreneur with thirty years' experience.
These past years, he's run a successful Bed and Breakfast in Breukelen (the Netherlands).

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