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Bed and Breakfast LIMA

Casa Guadalupe

Guadalupe en Joop
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Dutch quality with Peruvian ambience.
Ideal begin and end destination
for a journey through Peru.
Well equipped rooms.
Good   service.
Safe. We are close, more in info klik here

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We try to do everything in our power to make our guests' stay with us as pleasurable as possible.

        We can arrange a pick-up from the airport at a cost of US$12,50 up to 3 persons, US$20,00
        4 to 7 persons. On the day of depard we can arrange a taxi for you, bring you to airport
        front door of the departing hall or bus terminal.
        It's possibe for us to exchange currency for you at the day's rate of exchange.
        This can be left with us, free of charge.
        Use of internet is possible, free of charge. Wifi is also available.
        If you wish to have your clothes cleaned, this is possible at the local tariff.
Lunch packet:
        Can be provided if asked for in advance.
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