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Bed and Breakfast LIMA

Casa Guadalupe

Guadalupe en Joop
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Dutch quality with Peruvian ambience.
Ideal begin and end destination
for a journey through Peru.
Well equipped rooms.
Good   service.
Safe. We are close, more in info klik here

Bed and Breakfast journey2 Peru
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Travel advice and tips obtained from our guests and our own experiences.

Most people fly as quickly as possible to Machu Picchu, thereafter they want to see the other sights of Peru. In connection with the risk of altitude sickness, it is wise to see Matchu Picchu at latter stage of your journey so that you can travel across land allow your boby to get used to the height change slowly. As a guide Arequipa is roughly half height of Matchu picchu.

Our overall itinerary advice is as follows.

Day 1: Arrival in Lima is usually in the evening if earlier you could look around the area near the B&B.
Day 2: Visit downtown Lima. We provide you with a walking map with descriptions so you can see the sights of the historic center of Lima.
Day 3: Visit La Punta, museum Real Fillipe Fortress and promenade walk in the morning with the possibility of a lunch and trying ceviche. In the afternoon visit to Larco Museum.
Day 4: By Bus to Ica, book a wine tour for the afternoon and for the next morning book a trip to Islas Ballestas (Paracas).
Day 5: Tour Islas Ballestas and in the afternoon a visit to the oasis Huacachina with sand buggy rides up the dunes and sand-boarding down.
Day 6: Bus to Nasca. Nasca lines view. Night bus to Arequipa.
Day 7: Book a two-day tour to view the Colca Canyon and see downtown Arequipa.
Day 8: First day tour Colca Canyon.
Day 9: Second day tour Colca Canyon in the evening downtown Arequipa.
Day 10: Bus to Puno book tour for Lake Titicaca.
Day 11: Tour Lake Titicaca and then take the bus to Cusco.
Day 12: Travel to Aquas Calientes (more options)
a: Trekking 4 or 5-day than day 13 will be day 17 or 18.
b: Travel direct by train Cuscco Aguas Calientes.
c: Travel in a Collectivo to Ollantaytambo and then train to Aguas Calientes.
d: Travel in a Collectivo to Hidroelectrica and then 2 hours walk to Aguas Calientes.
e: Travel by bus (2 changes) to Hidroeletrica and then 2 hours walk to Aguas Calientes.
Day 13: Machu Picchu.
Day 14: Return to Cusco.
Day 15: Return to Lima. Flight lasts an hour and ten minutes or a bus journey takes 22 hours.

Obviously if you don't do Nasca, the day count is different.
More details about this advisory you get when you arrive at our B&B.
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